What to Eat After a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

What to Eat After a 3-Day Juice Cleanse - So Good So You

It is completely natural to spend your juice cleanse dreaming and fantasizing about all the foods you are going to indulge in after your cleanse is complete. But heading straight for the pizza, ice cream, or other heavily processed foods after wrapping up your cleanse will quickly undo all the good you did to your body days before. This is because the day’s post cleanse are as important as the days before and during your cleanse. Eating the wrong foods right after finishing a juice cleanse is one of the top mistakes novice cleansers make, follow our recommendations below to make sure you don’t end your cleanse on the wrong foot.

What to eat after a Juice Cleanse?

  • Drink plenty of water and start with foods that your body will find easy to break down while avoiding foods high in fat and sugar. Steamed or raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and light grains are all perfect for the first day after completing your cleanse.
  • The next day, soy and dairy can be reintroduced in small doses. Jumping back into these too quickly can cause an upset stomach for some.
  • On subsequent days light proteins can be added back into your diet as your body ramps its way back up to digesting more and more solid foods.
  • By the third or fourth day, your body should be re-acclimated and ready to resume your normal diet — ideally without heavily processed foods.

These are recommendations, every person will have a different experience in regard to their post cleanse diet. The key is to stick to foods that are light, and preferably raw or organic. Refined sugars, red meats, and alcohol are best to avoid as these will likely cause the most harm and gastric distress to your body on the days following your cleanse.

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