Best Vegetables to Juice

Best Vegetables to Juice - So Good So You

Celery– Celery is a natural diuretic and the sodium and potassium present in it help to reduce and get rid of the amount of toxins in your body.
Fun Fact: Due to the high content of salt in Celery, adding it to your post-workout juice is a great way to replenish the sodium lost in your body through sweat.

Carrots – A go to veggie to include in your juicing regimen, Carrots are an amazing source of vitamins. They provide ample amounts of vitamins C, D, E and K, as well as many minerals needed in your daily vitamin intake like magnesium, potassium and calcium.
Fun Fact: Due to their creamy sweet consistency, Carrot Juice pairs well with Apple and Beet Juice and can also be used to cut the bitter taste associated with leafy green veggies.

Kale – Kale is a staple of juicing due to its high vitamin content and relatively mild flavor that pairs well with any other juice. High in beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and rich in calcium Kale is a nutrient rich leafy green that is easy to slip into any juice you want!
Fun Fact: Gram for gram Kale has more Vitamin C than an Orange!

Spinach – Spinach is in the same family as other vitamin packed veggies- Beets and Kale. A legitimate superfood, Spinach provides a plethora of minerals you that your body desperately needs like iodine, magnesium, and iron. These minerals also help to keep your body’s PH balance level.
Fun Fact: For a leafy green, Spinach is jam packed full of protein! Every 1 cup of Spinach is equal to a gram of protein.

Beets – Packed full of nutrients and free radical fighting antioxidants. Beets are also an excellent source of sodium , Vitamin C, and potassium. Beets have also been found to boost nitric oxide levels in the body which can aid in blood flow and circulation.
Fun Fact: Due to this unique quality, Beet Juice is a great pre-workout drink that can help boost your stamina and keep you exercising longer.

Cucumber– Light, subtle in flavor, and oh so refreshing, Cucumber is a great addition to any juice whether veggie or fruit based. Loaded with electrolytes and potassium, adding Cucumber to your post-workout juice is a great way to replenish your system after you exercise.
Fun Fact: Cucumbers are packed with so many electrolytes and natural juice that in some countries they are a go-to cure for hangovers.

Sweet Potato – Yes, really. You can totally juice a sweet potato! Packed with beta-carotenes, Vitamins B1, B2, C and B6 adding Sweet Potato to your juices will not only give a twist to your daily juice regimen but a healthy kick as well.
Fun Fact: Sweet Potato juice is best paired with something acidic and sweet, Strawberries and Apples work best with it.

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