Way to B: We’ve earned B Corp certification!

Way to B: We’ve earned B Corp certification! - So Good So You

So Good So You has always operated from a do-good point of view. We believe that all the good we put into the world is interconnected—that good ingredients in good products made with good intentions can do real good in the world.

Turns out, there is a growing group of companies that share that point of view—and one of the ways to spot them in the wild is through B Corp certification. This certification shows that a business is deeply committed to doing business in a way that minimizes harm and amplifies good, and is only awarded after a company has proven without a doubt that they’re dedicated to making a true difference.


Key Highlights from our evaluation:

  • Women-owned, woman-founded, and female-board controlled
  • 68% of our employees identify as female
    40% of employees are BIPOC with diversity and inclusion-focused hiring practices
  • 56% of managers are female
  • 100% powered by renewable energy
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Responsibly sourcing our ingredients and packaging as well, making decisions that minimize waste and require as few resources as possible
  • 401k with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment options 
  • Paid time off for Voting and Volunteering
  • Flexible return-to-work policies post-birth or adoption of a child


What’s B Corp certification?

So glad you asked! To become a B Corp-certified business, we had to go through a rigorous application and audit process to reinvent the way the world economy works to be more human- and earth-friendly. This encourages and guides companies to conduct business in more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable ways. 


B Corp certification includes being measured on:

  • Worker well-being, such as having a say and feeling respected, being paid thriving wages, and experiencing the benefits of being in an inclusive and equitable work environment.
  • Contributing to human rights, including justice, equity, diversity and inclusion measures both under our roof and in our communities.
  • Stewardship of our resources and our planet, taking positive steps toward climate action and continually improving the impact of our business.

Why isn’t every brand a B Corp?

The certification is a lot of work with two years of work compiling the submission and being evaluated. As a company committed to doing good, we’ve always ensured that every step, every process, every ingredient is measured to high standards, and are happy to demonstrate accountability and transparency in the B Corp evaluation process. 

All B Corps are reassessed every three years and must demonstrate improvements in their actions to increase their scores in order to retain certification. 

Why is B Corp Certification important for So Good So You?

So Good So You has been, and always will be committed to creating a positive impact on the world with continuous improvement to our business practice and sustainability efforts. 

It’s why our logo is a green heart. It’s why our first brand language was ‘For The Love of Body and Planet.’ And why we evaluate every initiative and team member against how we’re doing more good. 

Learn More About the B Corp Mission and Fellow Brands

To learn more about B Corp and to see the other companies around the globe joining the effort to create a more equitable and sustainable way of doing business, check out B Lab here (we love that a fellow food-maker, Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s was one of the founding stewards!).

What’s Next for So Good So You?

B Corp is just one step in a larger journey. We are always growing and evolving to best live out of our mission of For The Love of Body and Planet. Stay updated and get the latest news through our email newsletters, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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