Crafted Expertise

Why are So Good So You shots so good? Some say it’s magic.

We say it’s the So Good way.

Flavor First

We take flavor very seriously. It might be because we’re foodies or it might be because feeling good should also taste so good. So when we’re developing new items, taste testing is sometimes a multiple months-long process to make sure we are bringing you powerful ingredients with the best possible flavor.

  • Fresh flavors to delight your taste buds
  • All the benefits, hold the cringe

Curated Ingredients

Some say great things come in small packages - we say the same thing about ingredient lists. That’s why all of our shots have a short and simple ingredient list. This means the quality, flavor, and efficacy of each ingredient is carefully selected to deliver a superior overall experience.

  • Highest quality, powerful ingredients from nature
  • Balance of tried-and-trues and new discoveries

Lots Of Love

Food is sacred. It can be healing, is meant to be shared, and above all, is best when made with love and care. It’s why our logo is a green heart. It’s why our company was founded on a beach right after our founders got engaged. And it’s why we pour all our passion and attention to do good for the body and planet. It all comes back to love.

  • Good food starts with love
  • We do more good together

"Flavor is everything and we obsess over getting it right with the highest quality ingredients available."


The secret to a so-good life: location, location, location

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