Our Mission

People and Planet First


Rita Katona

Co-founder & Board Chair

A reformed corporate retail leader, Rita left a big job at Target HQ in 2014 and started a little company, now So Good So You. She is an inspired plant-based foodie and is the innovation engine and knowledge-bank for functional foods and ingredients. An avid runner and yoga / fitness instructor, Rita loves building wellness communities around people and planet. The So Good So You brand is the community, and its products are the vehicle for creating connections. The goal: do more good, together.


Eric Hall

Co-founder & CEO

Eric is a start-up lifer, having founded multiple companies in health, fitness, and wellness services and tech. Meeting Rita at a yoga studio and connecting with her on their many shared passions, he proposed to her on a beach in Mexico, and within the hour they were planning the launch of what is now So Good So You. Thriving on the unique challenges of startup environments, Eric believes his purpose is to build companies that model a prioritization of people and planet as a blueprint for business health and profitability.