Message From Our Founder: Proud to be a Force for Good

Message From Our Founder: Proud to be a Force for Good - So Good So You

We're so proud to announce we're B Corp Certified. 

When my husband, Eric, and I founded So Good So You, we knew we would define success a little differently than most. We wanted our business to be an integral part of our communities, to create more benefit than harm in the world, and always act as a force for good.

And over the years, we’ve worked tirelessly to check all the boxes. From actively recruiting and promoting a diverse workforce, making sure that compensation includes thriving wages and human-centered benefits, tracking down renewable energy options and increasingly better packaging solutions, we relentlessly look for ways to do things better. It pays off in our souls, and in attracting like-minded people to work with, both under our roof and in our vendors and partners. And now, it’s paid off in another way.

We’re humbled and proud to share that after a 2-year assessment and verification process, we’ve earned B Corp certification. When I look at the list of businesses we are joining—including Patagonia, Blueland, AlterEco, Seven Sundays, Peace Coffee —I’m so proud to be in such good company with committed organizations who are leading the way forward. And at the same time, I’m impatient for that list to get longer, and to include increasingly larger and more international companies. Because I believe that as more companies expand their efforts to do things right across all aspects of their businesses, we can truly change the way the world works to be sustainable, healthy and whole. 

Being certified as a B Corporation means we’ve passed a long list of stringent requirements about social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability—to our employees, to our customers, and to our planet. The ultimate goal is to encourage companies to conduct business in a way that supports social and environmental benefit—and it’s an honor to be a part of this movement.

If you like numbers, please do take a look at our official page on the B Lab website (they’re the nonprofit network behind this certification—and they’re the real deal). And I’d like to take a moment to thank YOU—we couldn’t have done it without your shared commitment to showing your love of body and planet, working to make the right choices together every day.


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