There's Green. Then There's So Good Green.

We have two goals above all others: to deliver good to human bodies, and to do good for the planet we share. So we’ll never simply check the same boxes as other companies and call it a day. In every way, we go above and beyond.


B Corp Certified

In order for a company to become B Corp certified, it has to meet a plethora of stringent social and environmental standards. When you’re a food company, it’s extra-difficult, because you’re responsible for ingredients, processes, people, and more—there’s no passing the buck though subsidiaries or suppliers.


Made with 100% Renewable Energy

You heard that right: only clean energy sources get our juice shots from whole fruit to your fridge.


Sustainable Bottles

All of our shot bottles are made with plastic that is 100% recyclable. Good for the planet. Good for you.


Ugly Produce in Every Shot

Every food manufacturer uses ugly produce, but at So Good So You, we don’t settle for just any fruits and veggies: we insist on it always having the best flavor and most efficacious functional benefits too.


Innovative Minimal Waste Packaging

When you look at a carton of our shots, it doesn’t seem like a lot of paper. But when you multiply that box by millions every year, you get an idea of how much we save by taking the right path. Our innovative packaging is designed to use the least amount of paper possible, assembled in the most ingenious way imaginable.

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