Why We're Hugging Trees (and You Should, Too!)

Why We're Hugging Trees (and You Should, Too!) - So Good So You

There was a graphic floating around Instagram and the internet recently highlighting the science behind hugging a tree for five minutes. Apparently, Icelanders are being encouraged to spend 5 minutes a day hugging a tree to help combat the lack of physical touch during isolation. 

The Icelandic aren’t the first people to recognize the healing powers of trees, and most certainly won’t be the last. Our team at So Good So You is also a major proponent of this trend, while also continuously working to add more trees to the earth. Year-to-date we have planted over 2,600 trees, thanks to the support of our community and the National Forest Foundation’s program for giving the gift of nature.

On a mission to plant 50 million trees, the National Forest Foundation is inviting businesses and individuals alike to join them in replanting America’s National Forests. Why are we embarking on this journey alongside the NFF? Trees provide endless benefits to our everyday lives: from filtering clean air, providing fresh drinking water, hosting homes for thousands of plants and animals, helping to curb climate change, and many more. 

Other organizations such as 1t.org are striving towards an even greater goal of planting 1 trillion trees, recognizing the vital role that nature-based solutions such as tree planting play in fighting climate change. 1t.org understands that reforestation, conservation, and natural regeneration need to be a part of the broader agenda for protecting nature and fighting climate change. According to their website, latest science suggests that nature-based solutions can provide up to one-third of the emissions reductions required by 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement targets. 

Greta Thunberg, 17-year-old Swedish environmental activist, and renown bada** also urges more people to plant trees as a way of tackling climate change, speaking out in favor of natural climate solutions. And as usual, we stand with Greta. 

This Saturday is National Love a Tree Day, and as tree-lovers ourselves, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be celebrating accordingly.

Fortunately, organizations like the NFF and 1t.org are making it easier and easier to do your part in re-greening our planet, connecting individuals that want to help with a way for them to make an impact. 

As a company, we believe it is our responsibility to make things better which is why our products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy! We are extremely excited about the recent launch of our BtrBtl™, a complete life-cycle solution for product packaging.

To learn more about this innovative sustainability initiative, click here.

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