Small Shifts for a More Sustainable Household

Small Shifts for a More Sustainable Household - So Good So You

These days, it seems you can’t go a day without seeing someone reorganizing their home and/or going full Marie Kondo on their closet or bathroom while scrolling social media. All of this time at home has forced us to take a closer look at our space and make adjustments as needed. In addition to cleaning out random cabinets and getting rid of old clothes, this time is a great opportunity to identify ways you can make your home a little more green and sustainable.

See, many don’t realize the impact that small changes in our everyday practices can have. For example, switching from single-use water bottles to a reusable water bottle can make a significant difference over time. Simple swaps and replacements like this can be made in all areas of your life, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. Today, we’re listing a few simple ways to make your home more sustainable. Follow along as we go room-by-room sharing a few ideas on how to elevate your home in terms of sustainability. What product swaps have you made in your home? Let us know in the comments!


  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner bars
  • Toothpaste bites
  • Reusable cotton face pads
  • Compostable makeup wipes
  • Stainless steel razor
  • Bar soap
  • Face lotion bar
  • DIY dry shampoo
  • Short showers
  • Bamboo TP



  • Reusable water bottle
  • Metal straws
  • Stasher bags / reusable plastic bags
  • Bar dish soap + dishwashing sponge
  • Swedish dishcloth
  • Mesh product bags
  • Silpat
  • Mason jars for bulk storage (or just saving jars)
  • Buying common liquids, spices, and dry goods in bulk
  • Fabric coffee filter
  • Soda stream or something similar
  • Plant-based foods!
  •  Compost tin


Mudroom / Miscellaneous:

  • Bulk powder laundry detergent
  • Dryer balls
  • Bike 
  • Reusable totes for everything!!!
  • Public transit card
  • Old t-shirts as rags
  • Compostable phone case
  • Refillable cleaning products

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