Put simply, it’s our biggest innovation for the planet to date.

Almost 90% of plastic and 70% of glass ends up in landfills, regardless of proper recycling. BtrBtl™ is our best effort to-date for a complete life-cycle solution for our product packaging. 

BtrBtl™ will recycle the same as any plastic bottle with no negative impact on the recycling stream. But, should it end up in a landfill, BtrBtl™’s increased biodegradation allows for a conversion of the packaging into usable energy, breaking down into water, soil and carbon-based gases.*

Pretty cool, huh?



*Accelerated biodegradation based on ASTM D5526-94 testing showing that the treated PET used for the BtrBtl™ biodegrades 31.7–37.0% after 391 days in active landfill conditions compared to 2% biodegradation of untreated PET.

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