6 responses to “4-Pack Immunity”

  1. Melvin Chisholm says:

    Great stuff, but hard to find,can i order it?

  2. LA DONNA CURRY says:

    How often can a shot of IMMUNITY be taken?

    • Maikel van de Mortel says:

      Hi La Donna! You can take our shots often as you would like. The team at So Good So You doubles up on Immunity shots anytime they sense an oncoming cold, which is frequent this time of year!

  3. Michele Crusoe says:

    This product is really great!!! They taste amazing!! One question, the shots are only to be taken once a day?

    Love you guys! Thank you!!

    • Maikel van de Mortel says:

      Hi Michele! We are so happy to hear you’re enjoying our shots. Yes, you can definitely enjoy multiple shots in a day. The team at SGSY has several every day, and double up on Immunity shots whenever we feel a cold coming on. Thank you for the support!

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