We’re Growing, We’re Changing!

We’re Growing, We’re Changing!

We want to take a moment to thank you, our devoted customers. Without your support, we would not be celebrating our 5th year in business. We have been delighted to become part of your daily routine and a healthy habit on your journey of plant-based eating. We are honored to be a part of your life.

We started this business with a juice bar and a vision. We wanted to create a platform for connecting people in order to support the health of their bodies and our planet. Expanding beyond our café to grocery stores was key and we quickly grew to be a regional brand. Our incredible team has continued to raise the bar for providing delicious, safe products for more and more people. So Good So You products can now be found coast to coast in over in 3300 locations and we are the category leader in probiotic shots. We are continually innovating to create new products that honor our vision, for the love of body and planet™

As an emerging national brand, we now have the ability to connect and support more people on their journey. We truly believe that a company should be a force for good and that we can all do more together to make a positive impact in this world. As a small company we have felt the pressure to ensure this is done right, that each customer’s journey is truly nurtured and that our company can evolve to be a platform for positive change.

Our cafés are part of our history and our desire to provide delicious plant-based options. Since inception we were aware that cafes and wholesale growth are two separate business models with unique needs. Looking into 2020 we realized that we could no longer support both. December 19th will be the last day our cafes will be open.

Please know that this was the most difficult decision we have had to make. We are making every effort to ease the transition for our café team including internal placement, career coaching, and severance. If you are one of the thousands of people who have enjoyed a juice, smoothie or meal at our cafes, THANK YOU! We know this news may be disappointing and we will do our best to show our gratitude for your support throughout the years. Know that we will miss seeing your face, smile and being a part of your day.

Since launching we have put people and the planet before profits. Our plant is powered by 100% renewable energy and is zero waste. Our cafes have always used 100% compostable containers and did not have a need for a trash bin – everything has been either recyclable or compostable – even when that meant taking certain recyclables off-site because our building would not accept them. We are not perfect, but we are on a continuous journey to be a better company.

Our juices and probiotic shots are found in Lunds & Byerlys, Kowalski’s, the Wedge Co-op (for the Minnesotans), and your local Target, Publix and grocery stores nationwide. In 2020 we will be leading the charge on a big step towards a more sustainable solution to single-use plastic, as we continue to work towards becoming a carbon-positive company by 2022. We are ALL IN this fight to make a meaningful impact, we invite you to stay connected on social (@sogoodsoyou) and continue on this journey with us.

Humbly and with so much gratitude,


Rita & Eric

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