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  1. Jessica says:

    I am not someone who finds sleep easily. In fact, my doctors have thrown everything possible at me to help me sleep. And while medications work sometimes, nothing comes close to how this shot hit me. I went to bed at my regular time of 10 and it is now 4:30 pm. I am still struggling to fully wake up. For the first time in many years, I slept all night. This is life changing! This lityle bottle of aleep will definitely become a regular thing.

  2. We LOVE ALL of your products–and crave them!!

    We have recently discovered “Sleep” this week and what a difference it makes–I wake up feeling rested, that has not traditionally been the case for me. These shots are all miraculous–thank you!!


    This was my first experience with SGSU and I was pleasantly surprised. Committed buyer from here on out.

  4. Jen says:

    Delicious! Definitely helps promote sleep. I also take these shots when I feel anxious. Within 10-15 minutes I feel a little more relaxed.
    Trouble sleeping, I take a shot paired with my favorite herbal tea and good night. 🙂💤

  5. nicole bellanger says:

    i took this shot for the first time, and i really am interested in investing a good chunk of my life recovering from insomnia my whole life and struggling to stay asleep and not feel healthy and i feel like this is the best treatment option for me so far, i find this is a blessing i happened to stumble across at publix, which was my first experience also. this changed my whole entire life!

  6. Christine Law says:

    I don’t sleep well having had a brain aneurysm and a stroke. So I tried the “Sleep” lavender shot. That night I slept incredibly well. It tasted so delicious too. Tonight I just took another shot and it was just as good as before. Thank you so much for this awesome product. Nighty nite!!

  7. RoniNikol says:

    Wow!! I went to bed at 10pm and didn’t wake up until noon the following day. I had the most incredible and peaceful night of rest. You have made a lifetime consumer out of me. I can’t wait to share this with my family and friends!

  8. Kirsten says:

    In my experience, this delivered the same relaxing effects as a glass of wine. It kicked in in 20 minutes and I had a great nights sleep! I went right back to the store the next day for more.

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