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10 responses to “Immunity”

  1. Sarah says:

    Do you guy ship to people that are not near a store?

  2. Dinnie says:

    Am I able to purchase theses on line from you?

  3. Ina Esquivel says:

    Have been taking a shot of Immunity every morning for two months now. Love it. I have been recommending this to all my coworkers.

  4. Mary K OBerry says:

    Since before the Covid virus started I have been taking an immunity shot every single day. I really feel as if your product works. I feel as if my immunity has been boosted and I feel better then I have in a LONG time. I have recommended these to family and friends as well. I haven’t been sick since I started doing these little bottles in February. Every day that I wake up and I don’t have the virus I contribute that to these immunity shots.

  5. Gina M says:

    Love these shots…This one sure packs the Ginger punch!

  6. Jenn says:

    I just sought out recently a ginger regimen to help with inflammation and came across IMMUNITY in my local grocery store.
    Wow you are right-a sure kick in the pants. LOL
    Not only is the ginger beneficial for inflammation , but it has cayenne also. I will be buying the 4 packs from now on. I do believe they will help with pain(cayenne and inflammation(ginger) its a win win for me…and my gut. TY

  7. Crystal says:

    Just started taking during the pandemic. They give me and extra burst of energy and provide that extra immunity support. Love them. Just hate they are running out in my local grocery stores. Is there a way to buy in bulk!!! Highly recommend.

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