8 responses to “Detox”

  1. brook says:

    This wellness shot is delicious!

  2. kaileighd.1 says:

    This is a probiotic shot that I could take everyday. It tastes so good and it gave me a boost of energy while providing for my body’s health. Well worth the try!

  3. Stephanie Dondeelert says:

    This detox shot is not only delicious but it leaves you with the satisfaction of knowing you made a healthy choice!

  4. E. S says:

    I tried this drink for the very first time. It is Beyond delicious . Keep up the awesome work 😊 .

  5. Lissy says:

    This Detox shot was sooooo good maybe you need to come up with these kinda shots for body aches menstrual cramps and shots for your hair skin and nails that taste good that would be amazing

  6. Maria says:

    This is the very first shot I have taken, it tastes really good and want more. I’ll let you all know how I feel later. Again, this Detox juice shot tastes Awesome!!!!

  7. Lucille Warren says:

    My first time trying the product I just took a sleepy shot, I’ll let you guys know how it work. And it taste really good.

  8. Trashona says:

    First time trying it very delicious taste 😋, I will be trying more of them.Health first💪🏿

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