Meet Our Partner Registered Dietitian, Lizzie Streit

Meet Our Partner Registered Dietitian, Lizzie Streit

Drumroll please… We’re thrilled to introduce our partner Registered Dietitian, Lizzie Streit. Lizzie is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a self-proclaimed veggie enthusiast. Hence, why we love her! 😉 Lizzie’s love for veggies is what inspired her to build her business, It’s a Veg World After All. The main goal of her business is to help anyone and everyone learn to embrace vegetables! Of course, this philosophy falls right in line with what we believe at So Good So You, making Lizzie the perfect fit to serve as our partner Registered Dietitian.

Throughout the month, Lizzie will be sharing a handful of her favorite delicious plant-based recipes as well as several ingredient breakdowns. As an expert in culinary nutrition, she will translate her nutrition knowledge into practical application, helping us all to make incorporating veggies simple and ‘downright delicious’. Keep an eye out for recipes to suit every meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas. If there is anything specific you’re looking to learn from Lizzie, be sure to let us know in the comments section below. 

What do you do?

I’m a registered dietitian (RD/RDN) who works in nutrition communications and recipe development. I created the brand It’s a Veg World After All, which is focused on helping others eat more vegetables in approachable and delicious ways, and recently published my cookbook, Vegetable Cookbook for Vegetarians: 200 Recipes from Artichokes to Zucchini. In addition to creating recipes and resources for my blog, I write about nutrition for publications and brands. 

What is a registered dietician?

Registered dietitians are nutrition experts who complete undergraduate (and often graduate) degrees in nutrition, followed by a supervised dietetic internship that covers clinical, foodservice, and community nutrition, among other areas. Upon completion of their internship, RDs must pass an exam to receive their certification and keep up with continuing education to maintain their credentials.

Dietitians work in clinical inpatient and outpatient settings, where they provide nutrition assessments and counseling for many different topics, including heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, food allergies, and more. You’ll also find dietitians working outside of hospitals or clinics, such as in food service management, academia and research, food companies, community nutrition (such as the WIC program), corporate wellness, communications, and brand spokesperson roles. 

What is your background in regards to your career?

I didn’t always know I would end up as an RD. I actually completed my undergrad degree in Environmental Studies and Sociology before going back to school in nutrition. My interest in environmental studies is what drove me to want to learn more about food systems and the connections between food, health, and the environment. After I graduated from college, I took a year off to finish some pre-requisites for my masters program in nutrition. During that in-between year, I started It’s a Veg World After All as a way to share recipes and posts about the unique veggies that my mom and I were receiving in our community supported agriculture (CSA) share box. 

I went on to complete my MS in human nutrition from Drexel University in Philadelphia (my home town) and came to Minneapolis to do my dietetic internship at the Minneapolis VA. During school and my internship, I maintained my blog, and after passing my RD exam, I gave the blog an official upgrade into what is now my business. I worked as a clinical dietitian part-time while I got the business off the ground, and now I work for myself full-time.

What is your passion in terms of your field?

I am really passionate about helping people put nutrition advice into practice. It’s one thing to just receive nutrition tips like “eat more veggies” and another thing to work on developing lasting habits. I love to help people implement nutrition in practical and sustainable ways that work for them, considering their lifestyle, resources, cooking knowledge, and preferences. My recipes, videos, content, and articles all focus on presenting nutrition in understandable ways.

Tell us about a day-in-the-life?

My typical work day starts with my morning routine of walking outside for 20 minutes, followed by eating breakfast then sipping my coffee while I reply to emails. I’ll devote the rest of the day to one or two of the following tasks: recipe testing (an all-day affair in the kitchen!), shooting blog or client photos and videos, research and writing for upcoming articles, or photo and video editing. Depending on the season, I’ll fit in some exercise first thing in the morning, at lunch, or before dinner.

How do you like to move your body?

My favorite activities include running, HIIT-style workouts that include strength and weight exercises, and yoga. I’ve recently gotten into snowshoeing, and I’m looking forward to trying cross country skiing this winter too!

What’s your food philosophy?

My food philosophy is similar to the Michael Pollan quote, “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” I believe the best eating pattern is one that you enjoy, can stick to, and that focuses on plants, with room for your favorite treats and foods. I am also passionate about learning about where my food comes from and supporting local farmers and the local food system.

What’s your favorite SGSY shot?

Endurance! Beets are my favorite vegetable, and I love the combination of apple, beet, and berry juice in the Endurance shot. It’s the perfect mix of earthy and sweet!

There are a lot of exciting things in the works from Registered Dietician partner, Lizzie Streit. Keep an eye out for weekly newsletters and new blog posts sharing some of her mouthwatering plant-based recipes. And as always, we recommend pairing one of our probiotic shots with your favorite plant-based meal, so be sure to stock up in preparation! To find a store with SGSY shots near you, visit our store finder here.

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