Meet a Community Member: Holly Janiszewski, a.k.a. Holly J Fitness

Meet a Community Member: Holly Janiszewski, a.k.a. Holly J Fitness

A few weeks back we had Holly of Holly J Fitness do a takeover on our Instagram in honor of National Fitness Weekend. She led our community through a hard (but awesome) at-home workout, beginning and ending class with a probiotic shot! A Minnesota native and longtime supporter of So Good So You, it was a blast hosting Holly on our channel and introducing her to the rest of our community!

Holly is an expert in all things fitness, helping others transform their lives and tap into their passion to live a healthier life. Her business is centered around fitness, nutrition, motivation and serving others, offering customized goals and workout formats for each client.

To offer some more insight into what Holly does when she isn’t running her new fitness app or attending Lululemon ambassador events, we asked her to answer a few rapid-fire questions.


What you are working on in your life when it comes to the following:

Community? Feel free to elaborate – Whoa! Lots of stuff. I’ve been hosting virtual weekly workouts 1-2x/week through my IG and FB pages, trying to keep people busy with other workouts posted there as well ;), working on getting the word out about my new workout app, helping with a project called Sweat Minnesota, and organizing a group for a virtual half marathon (lululemon SeaWheeze happening in August)!

What are you reading? Full disclosure – I’m terrible when it comes to books. I start them and then don’t finish them (ha!). I did just start “Crushing It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk, and so far it’s great! The premise is basically about how great entrepreneurs build their businesses and influence others, and how you can do it too!

Favorite podcast? Why? “How I Built This” – the host interviews CEOs of successful companies and it’s always so interesting to hear their stories and how they got to where they are! I also love true crime podcasts, but I need a new one! Any suggestions!?

Dance move and/or go-to song? I have zero rhythm (as demonstrated through the “Savage” Tik Tok I made with my husband), haha but I LOVE anything Drake or Beyonce. 

Last thing you watched on Netflix? What would you rate it on a scale of 1-10? “Outer Banks” – a great tween drama that was easy to watch and kept me entertained. I’d give it a 7.5/10.

Love of Body? Yes, of course! I always try to be super body-positive, and have been working on negative self-talk/thoughts. I preach this to my clients and need to make sure I’m doing it with myself as well!

Love of the Planet? I’m definitely not perfect, but yes, I try my best to buy local/organic, use reusable bags/cups/mugs, and recycle (to name a few)!

Bonus: what’s your favorite SGSY shot, and when/how you use it? Energy! LOVE it before a workout or run!!


Take Holly’s word for it… The energy shot is a classic pre-workout option. Gives you the perfect energy boost before getting a sweat in. Visit our store locator to find a retailer near you!

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