We ❤️ Our Healthcare Workers

We ❤️ Our Healthcare Workers

We want to be among the helpers. 

We firmly believe that in times of crisis, people who have the ability to help, have a responsibility to do so. The interconnectedness of all things on this planet is more apparent than ever as most of the world is practicing initiatives ranging from social distancing to full-on quarantine, meant not only to protect self, but more often to protect others.  

Healthcare workers at hospitals, especially urban hospitals, are at the highest risk for contracting the disease and are working grueling hours, many under unimaginable circumstances like shortages of personal protective gear and necessary life-saving medical equipment. This can make anyone feel disconnected and unsupported. 

In 2017 we spent a night delivering product to a graveyard shift at a local hospital. The response from the doctors and nurses was overwhelmingly positive – they felt remembered. Those spending their days caring for others felt cared for themselves. Brainstorming on what we could do now, our team realized that this could be a model for today – sending immunity and energy shots with notes from our community to bridge the support from them to healthcare workers throughout the United States. 

We cannot do this alone and need your help to nominate Healthcare Heroes throughout the US who are working in COVID-19 hot zones – the cases with the most confirmed coronavirus cases, as reported by the CDC. While we’d love to send packages to all 6,000+ hospitals throughout the US, that’s not something a company of our size can realistically do – but we are committed to sending as many as we can over the coming weeks and months, prioritizing those who are most impacted and thus need our support the most. 

Our amazing team created a nomination process that allows our community to write personalized notes to their nominated loved ones, which our team is including with each package, alongside a personal handwritten THANK YOU note from our team. We are beyond grateful to these heroes who show up every day, taking care of hundreds of sick and suffering individuals and helping keep others safe and healthy. And we’re grateful to be in a position where we can offer this token of gratitude and love to Healthcare Heroes, with the help of our incredible community. Would you like to join us and nominate someone? Thank you! You can do that here. We would love to hear from you – how are you showing up to be a helper? 

Our values are the torchlight for our actions during times of crisis and darkness. For the Love of Body & Planet™ rings true always, thus we are utilizing our own So Good So You zero-waste shipping solution for these perishable packages. 

We started this company because we believe that together, we can do more good than as individuals. Our Healthcare Heroes initiative illustrates this perfectly as it is only through the participation of our bold community members raising their hands and volunteering to recognize healthcare heroes in their lives that we are able to reach so many intensive care units, coast-to-coast. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay sane. 

Hugs & juice shots ~

Rita & Eric








Hospitals that have already been identified and have received or will be receiving care packages: University of Minnesota Fairview Medical Center – ICU, University of Minnesota Fairview Medical Center – ER, James A Haley VA Hospital, Tampa – Respiratory Care, Gunderson Lutheran Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, Scripps Mercy Hospital ICU – San Diego, Kaiser Permanente – San Jose, Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medical Center – New York, Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia Medical Center – New York, WellSpan York and the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, Hershey Hospital – Pennsylvania, Temple University Hospital – Philadelphia, Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University, The Valley Hospital – New Jersey, St. Mary’s General Hospital – New Jersey, Colorado Children’s Hospital, Virtua Memorial – New Jersey, M18 Memorial Sloan Kettering, Tower Health – Pennslyvania, Plainview Hospital – New York 

To nominate a healthcare hero in your life, complete the short survey here.

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