A Letter from Co-Founder, Rita Katona, on Another Mother’s Day

A Letter from Co-Founder, Rita Katona, on Another Mother’s Day

Recently, So Good So You declared November 9 “Another Mother’s Day” — a new holiday for moms to prioritize personal wellness. To celebrate, we invited moms to enter and 200 moms will win $100 for themselves to put towards spa day supplies, a babysitter, laundry services, house cleaners or whatever fills their cup for a customized day off. 


Why? Moms need a break right now. According to a Parenthood PHD survey, more than 90 percent of mothers reported feeling more tired or having less energy than before COVID-19. With quarantining, working from home and distance learning brought on by the ongoing pandemic, moms certainly have less alone time now than ever before. 


We know Mother’s Day can sometimes be fraught. While the years may be short, the days are feeling really long. So Another Mother’s Day is the Mother’s Day moms don’t have to tell the rest of the family about. This one’s just for them. Exactly six-months after the original Mother’s Day.


We created this initiative to shine a bright light on the work that moms do for families, the dedication, and the sacrifice. That sounds like saccharine Hallmark card language, but you know what, it’s true!


During the pandemic, many women quit their jobs because they couldn’t do it all—child care wasn’t available, kids were schooling at home, it wasn’t safe to continue going into work. And instability continues—child care is difficult to find. Sudden quarantines and sick days throw life into chaos and create pressure for families with kids. 


Moms everywhere are Burnt. Out. 


As a society, we need to do better for moms. By giving moms Another Mother’s Day, we’re acknowledging one day of gratitude isn’t enough. We hope this small gesture inspires continued acts of generosity for moms everywhere.


As a woman-owned company, a WBENC certified business, with 73% percent women on our staff, we support women. And we’ll be carrying this much-needed conversation forward examining what it takes to parent in this new world—and how we can help. 


Please reach out with your stories of how you took time to celebrate your own Another Mother’s Day and your thoughts on how women-owned businesses can help lead the way to support moms everywhere. 


With love, 


Co-founder of So Good So You and new mom 

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