Drink 8 glasses of water each day.

Eliminate the unhealthy.


Start each day with a
glass of water with lemon.

Enjoy your 6 juices per day in
2 hour increments, drinking 16oz
of water between each juice
(simply fill up your juice bottle!).

If you are hungry, you can eat —
simply choose healthy options.


DAY 1 - Add:
+ Fresh raw fruits & vegetables
+ Salads
+ Smoothies

DAY 2 - Add:
+ Grains
+ Nuts
+ Seeds
+ Legumes

DAY 3 - Add:
+ Conscientiously sourced/
organic meat & seafood
+ Dairy
+ Whole grain breads.


We believe cleansing is not only good for the body, mind and soul, but that it shouldn’t interrupt your everyday life – so we’ve worked hard to create cleansing programs that keep you going, even when you’re at your busiest. Your So Good So Good cleanse consists of six, 16-ounce drinks to keep you going during your day.

This is not a diet, or a way to sell you something. It’s just another way to feel good. Our favorite way. It’s a chance to give your digestive system a break and a chance to reset itself. By drinking juice for one or several days, you will be delivering an incredible amount of high quality nutrients directly to your cells, and frankly, it’ll make you feel great. You might even feel lighter and more energized. Even buoyant. This feeling of euphoria can last days after the cleanse is over.


We never use flash or heat pasteurization on our juices as this kills the organic active enzymes found in fruits and vegetables. Your body needs these enzymes to digest and absorb nutrients from food. Without them your body works extra hard on digestion and is often left nutritionally insolvent. Think of a So Good So You juice as a perfect chance to refuel your body with the natural life force it needs to thrive.

Benefits of cold-pressed juice and cleansing may include:

  • Clearer skin
  • More balanced hormones
  • Sharper mental clarity and concentration
  • Weight loss
  • Heightened sense of overall well-being
  • Sounder sleep
  • More energy
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Faster recovery after a workout
  • Your 6th grade crush will admit that they liked you too
  • Higher libido
  •  and, World Peace. Yup. Go figure!


There’s no “wrong” way to cleanse, so find what works for YOU. That can mean a traditional juice cleanse with 6 or more juices per day, or an Active lifestyle cleanse of 3-4 juices per day plus 1-2 meals. We recommend at least 1 Green Juice per day, as these tend to be the most nutrient dense juices. For those who already love the taste of green veggies, go for 2-3 green juices per day.

A cleanse is a chance to reset your palate and an opportunity to listen to your body. It is not about starvation or deprivation. Six bottles of juice contain over 1200 calories a day. For some this is sufficient, for others it is not. We encourage all individuals on a cleanse to listen to their body and what its unique needs are, this includes snacking or dining on healthy options. A successful cleanse is any of the following:

  • Consuming only juice and nut milk
  • Lightly snacking and eating healthy raw food (we love avocados with a bit of black Hawaiian salt!)
  • Drinking juice and nut milk during the day and enjoying a healthy dinner at night.

Remember the main benefit of a cleanse is flooding your body with organic active enzymes. You are still getting these wonderful benefits even if you’re supplementing your cleanse with food. It’s like a spa treatment for your insides.


  • Early morning wake-up:
    16 oz. warm water w/lemon

  • Morning breakfast:
    start with a Green Juice

  • Mid-morning snack:
    pick any juice

  • Noontime:
    pick any Juice or light, healthy meal

  • Early afternoon snack:
    pick any juice

  • Late afternoon snack:
    pick any juice

  • Evening dinner:
    pick any Juice or light, healthy meal

  • Before bedtime:
    Drink warm herbal tea of choice
    All our cleanses include Tea So Good!


Start your first day post-cleanse with fruit or perhaps a fruit & vegetable smoothie, a salad, or steamed vegetables and brown rice. Allow your digestive system to ease back in to breaking down foods by eating one type of food at a time, and giving a suficient amount of time for food digestion before eating your next type of snack or meal (approx. 30 minutes for fresh, raw fruits & vegetables). Pay particular attention to how your body reacts when you eat certain foods, making note of whether it is a good feeling or a bad feeling. The idea is to use the awareness you’ve gained during your cleanse to make more mindful, healthful decisions from this point forward. In our humble opinion, there’s no better way to start the day than with the alkalizing, nutrient-rich effects of a Green Juice, and we recommend this on a daily basis. And remember, if you start to veer off the healthy path you’ve set for yourself, you can always do a short re-set with a one- or multi-day juice cleanse, or substitute juice for a meal.



    In the 3-5 days leading up to the start of your cleanse, start to decrease the amount of highly processed foods. Don’t consume as much meat, dairy, alcohol or caffeine, as they can all get in the way of a pleasant juice cleanse.


    As long as you are hydrated and feeling good, you should be fine to do whatever exercise you normally do, including activities like hot yoga, running, and Olympic weightlifting. Just be aware that you may experience lower energy or fatigue. Listen to your body and slow down if you need to. You are giving your body a chance to reset itself, and you don’t want to tax it too much.


    For those of you doing an Active Lifestyle cleanse including healthy food, this tip is a “duh.” For those on a traditional juice-only cleanse, the idea of a juice cleanse is to let your digestive system focus on absorbing nutrients and cleansing instead of expending energy on breaking down food, but if you feel lightheaded or have trouble focusing, try a few slices of raw vegetables. We like carrots, celery, cucumbers, a small piece of fruit, or half an avocado. (Great, our mouths are watering.) If you do eat something, don’t sweat it. It’s not supposed to be miserable. Just get back to your juice schedule. No guilt. No regrets.


    Hydrate with plenty of water. Drink it, like, always. And don’t just wait until you are thirsty. By staying hydrated, you will not feel hungry, grumpy, or lightheaded. A good rule of thumb is 16 ounces of water between each juice. If you do get hungry, have more juice. You can also try herbal tea (no caffeine) or flavored (not store-bought) water. You can make flavored water by adding slices of cucumber, lemons, strawberries or any other fruit or vegetable to your water bottle.


    Getting a good night of sleep is extremely beneficial during your juice cleanse. Try to get around 8 hours of quality sleep. Fluff your pillow more before bedding down if you think it will help.


    During the cleanse, you may experience some of these detoxification symptoms, which are completely normal: headache, nausea, diarrhea, or irregular bowel movements. If you normally consume a lot of caffeine, headaches may be a symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Remember: if you feel lightheaded or unable to focus, eat a piece of fruit or some raw or lightly steamed vegetables. If this is not suffcient to curb your symptoms, consider eating a light meal of non-processed food. Some people do require a higher daily caloric intake than a juice-only cleanse provides. It is important to listen to your body. If the symptoms do not subside, please seek medical attention.

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