Yoga Class Led by Rita Katona

Yoga Class Led by Rita Katona

As many of you may not already be aware, co-founder Rita Katona is a long-time yogi and instructor for over 10 years. Funnily enough, yoga was the gateway into becoming a Lululemon Ambassador back in 2009, which ultimately led to her decision to quit her big corporate job and launch So Good So You. Fast forward to today and Rita is still teaching yoga classes in the Twin Cities while she continues to build So Good So You with Eric, her husband and co-founder.

Whether you’re an advanced yogi or rather new to the mat, now is the perfect time to give it a try in the comfort of your own home. Follow along below as Rita walks you through a practice made to be done anytime and anywhere. Ready, set, flow!

This class takes 35-60 minutes depending on if you’re in a hurry or trying to savor the practice. It is a quarter mandala – a Full Mandala being 108 Sun Salutations, so a quarter mandala is 27 sun salutations. It is broken up into 3 sets of 9 with different types of Sun Salutations mixed in to make it more interesting. The Sun Salutations warm you up, get your blood flowing and establish a nice breath-to-movement cadence that’s so awesome in vinyasa yoga.

Part 1 – first 9 Sun Salutations

3 x 1/2 Sun A’s: crouch & curl after halfway lift, then lift back up to Mountain Pose reaching your arms towards the sky

3 x modified Sun A’s: move through chaturanga all the way to the floor into Baby Cobra, then pushing back to Child Pose on the way to Down Dog

3 x regular Full Sun A’s

Intermission 1 – Sun B

Sun B (of your choosing): this is a “mandala” or circular Sun B. Make sure you’re incorporating Warrior 2’s and Reverse Warriors to open up the hips and side body.

Part 2 – 2nd set of 9 Sun Salutations 

a.k.a. lunging Sun Salutations (worth a google search). This version stretches hip flexors and incorporates gentle back-bending as part of the flow.

Intermission 2 – Core

Down dog knee-to-elbows, a Starfish (a.k.a. Fallen Warrior) and Side Planks, on both sides, finished with a headstand.

Part 3 – 3rd set of 9 Sun Salutations

Choose your own favorite style of Sun A’s


This sequence of balancing poses ends in a hip opener. Eagle to airplane, to standing-split, to half-pigeon. Both sides.


Bridge, Plow, Shoulder Stand, Happy Baby to Savasana. Aaaaaahhhh.

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