The feel-good secret you’ve always known: new FIBER shot for the win!

The feel-good secret you’ve always known: new FIBER shot for the win!

Recent research is uncovering new ways that fiber supports all-important gut health.

For years, medical experts (and your mom) have been telling you to be sure to get your daily fiber. However, recent research is showing that the benefits of fiber go far beyond daily bowel movements and have a greater impact on your overall well-being than anyone realized. And with only seven percent of Americans are getting their recommended daily amount of fiber, its an easy but often overlooked key to feeling good.


What’s fiber got to do with it?

Plant-based foods are a great way to build fiber in your diet. Fruits such as raspberries, oranges and strawberries, veggies like peas, broccoli and greens, plus whole grains, beans and legumes deliver outstanding amounts of fiber. Fiber is a macronutrient: that means you need to eat it in large amounts for proper waste elimination, not to mention proper regulation of your blood sugar and lower cholesterol. 


It all starts with good ole’ gut health, and how it depends on fiber. Your body is a host to trillions of bacteria and other microbes in your gut that affect everything from your weight to the prevention of diabetes and a host of other health issues, including cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. 


“An apple a day” is back, baby

Naturally, the easiest way to increase fiber in your diet is to focus on filling your plate with plant-based deliciousness. The recommended daily allowance for women is 21–25 grams; for men, 30–38 grams. Surprisingly, most Americans are eating way less than the recommended daily amount: the average is only 15 grams a day.


Fortunately, taking the first steps toward a fiber-rich diet is easy. For instance, the Mayo Clinic recommends simple dietary swaps that will make a big difference:

  • Cook with brown rice and whole-grain ingredients vs. white rice, bread or pasta
  • Add whole-grain cereals to your morning menu instead of processed cereal (or use your favorite “treat” cereal as a flavoring)
  • Get your crunch on with raw veggies instead of chips or crackers
  • Fill up on high-fiber protein by having two to three bean or legume meals instead of meat


Another great shortcut to your daily fiber: Our new Fiber Strawberry Plum cold-pressed juice shot! With almost 20% of your dietary fiber needs for the day, this delicious juice shot also delivers one billion (we counted every one) CFUs of probiotics, plus 30% of your daily vitamin C. And if a combination of organic strawberry, plum, and clementine juices sounds unspeakably delicious, you’re right, making it that much easier to get 5g of fiber into your day, and that much easier to give your gut biome a little extra love.


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