Energy Boosting Snacks Made with Moringa

Energy Boosting Snacks Made with Moringa

These days many of us find ourselves reaching for the second or third cup of coffee earlier and earlier each day. Our days fill up with more items on the agenda leaving many of us feeling energy-depleted, tired, and restless. And with the uptick in coffee often comes increased jitters, less sleep, and overall fatigue. To avoid this, we’ve worked diligently to identify other natural sources of energy that don’t result in the negative side-effects one often experiences from coffee.

This is where moringa comes into play. For anyone who may be unfamiliar, moringa is a super green said to be even more nutrient-dense than kale. The fast-growing, leafy tree is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants. Containing all nine essential amino acids, moringa is also a source of complete plant protein. It is shown to provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, including healing properties similar to those of turmeric. The culmination of these powerful properties fuel your body, giving you a natural energy boost.

This week, we’re sharing a few of our favorite energy-boosting moringa sips and snacks in partnership with our friends at Kuli Kuli. Kuli Kuli is the world’s leading moringa brand, offering moringa powders, bars, smoothie mixes, teas, and more. Not only do they source fresh moringa leaves and maintain strict quality control standards, Kuli Kuli’s moringa supports the livelihoods of farmers all over the world, working with family farmers and women’s cooperatives in rural areas.

Psst! We’re offering a giveaway with Kuli Kuli this week. Read the full blog post for details on how to enter and win some So Good So You shots and Kuli Kuli Moringa Energy Bars!

The Energy Shot: The equivalent to a cup of coffee in terms of caffeine content, the Energy shot is our go-to for a quick and easy energy boost. The organic Coffeeberry in tandem with the moringa ingredient promotes energy levels. In addition, the shot is packed with 1 Billion CFUs of probiotic to support a healthy immune and digestive system. Talk about a two-for-one.

2X Energy Shot: This one’s for those that really mean business. Packed with double the amount of coffeeberry (180 mg caffeine), the 2X Energy Shot offers double the caffeine content of our OG Energy shot. Currently, the 2X Energy shot is sold exclusively at Sprout’s Nationwide. To find a store near you, visit our store finder here.

Moringa Energy Bars: Known as the only salad-in-a-bar on the market, these Energy Bars by Kuli Kuli are packed with half a cup of leafy greens and Moringa superfood. Moringa, also found in both our Energy shots, is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and plant protein, offering an all-natural solution to boosting energy levels. Available in Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate in stores and online. For 15% off your online order of Moringa Energy Bars, use promo code: SOGOOD at checkout.

Energy Smoothie (with Moringa powder): A fan favorite from the SGSY cafes, the Energy Smoothie (full recipe here) is crafted using energy-enhancing produce including pineapple, mango, orange juice, and bananas. The chia seeds provide antioxidants, fiber, and high-quality protein. For added nutrients, we recommend adding a scoop of Kuli Kuli’s Organic Pure Moringa Powder to your smoothie. Just one scoop is the equivalent to a full serving of veggies!

GIVEAWAY! Today (9/3/20) through 9/9/20 we’re offering a joint giveaway with Kuli Kuli on our Instagram page. One winner will be randomly selected to receive 10 So Good So You Free Product Vouchers and 12 Kuli Kuli Moringa Energy Bars. For details on how to enter, visit our Instagram page (@sogoodsoyou) and look for the image above. For an additional entry, check out Kuli Kuli’s Instagram page (@kulikulifoods).

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