How to Celebrate Halloween Pandemic-Style

How to Celebrate Halloween Pandemic-Style

Like most things in 2020, this Halloween will inevitably look a little different from past years, as will the holidays to follow. Across all ages, we’re going to have to get creative when planning this year’s celebrations. To keep the family safe and healthy this Halloween, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks for celebrating, pandemic-style.

Go virtual! Many of us have already gotten the hang of taking work online, so why not give Halloween a try, too! Plan a virtual Halloween party with your friends or distant relatives as a way to safely gather. For some extra fun, invite everyone to dress up and award someone best costume!

Plan a safe get-together. Per CDC guidelines, we recommend only gathering virtually given the current climate of all things COVID-19. It is the safest option for both you and your family. If you do choose to gather in person, and weather permits, we highly suggest keeping things outdoors to limit the risk of exposure. And if outdoors is not an option, we sincerely hope people act responsibly and only get together with others who are a part of their “pod”. Tip: invite guests to bring their own food and drinks. That way, no one will have to worry about germs spreading by sharing appetizers or cocktails.

Make your own masks. If outdoors isn’t an option, consider providing festive masks for guests to wear while conversing or mingling. Another fun idea is to purchase white masks and provide fabric markers for guests to decorate or customize to match their costumes.

Hand sanitizer. If you’re hosting, be sure to have hand sanitizer spread throughout the area, including entryways and bathrooms. If you and your family decide to trick-or-treat, be sure to sanitize before and after each time you get candy.

Plan socially-distant games. Heads Up is always a crowd pleaser and can be played from over 6 feet apart as long as all guests have the app downloaded to their phone!

Consume immune-boosting foods before and after celebrating. Knowing you may be potentially exposed to germs, help your body to strengthen its immune system by consuming only the best foods. For a list of our favorite immune-boosting foods, read this blog post.

Trust your gut. If the thought of attending a gathering makes you worried, listen to your gut and trust your instincts. Be mindful of who you choose to see and if you have any symptoms at all, stay home. 

Take Immunity shots: Our favorite way to help our bodies fight off illness (year round)? An Immunity shot, always. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants and will help your body to fight off any oncoming ailments. Plus, the 1 billion CFUs of probiotic found in ALL of our shots, support a healthy immune and digestive system. To find SGSY shots near you, visit our store finder here.

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