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There’s a Shot for That - So Good So You

With eight probiotic shot functions (and counting!), we are constantly learning new ways that members of our community like to take their shots. While ALL of our shots provide immune and digestive support, they also each have a specific unique function powered by a hero ingredient.

To get everyone's’ juices flowing (no pun intended), we’ve rounded up a list of different shot use cases shared by our team as well as So Good community members. We want to know how YOU like to take your shots? Let us know in the comments! There is no wrong answer.

Nicole (@conciousnosh): “My favorite shot is the immunity shot and I use it as an aid for my immune system. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease years ago and I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery. So, finding products like these and adding them into my daily routine has helped to where I now feel like a normal person. My illness no longer determines my day today. The immunity shot packs a kick not only because of the cayenne but also due to all the other ingredients. I get the initial kick which after a few minutes turns into this fuzzy feeling. After the warm fuzzy feeling is gone I feel a boost of vitality and well-being. It’s a feeling like no other💚”

Molly (Operations Engineer): I enjoy Longevity mid-morning. It's like having a little dessert after my breakfast. Energy shot after lunch. I hit that mid-afternoon wall during my workday while my body is in a food coma from lunch. A good pick me up to get me through the rest of my workday. I can't do coffee in the late afternoon as I have trouble getting to sleep, but don't run into that issue with the Energy shot 😊”

Tommy (Make-it-Happen Man): “I love taking Energy shots in the early AM! I've been dealing with acid reflux as of late and as much as I love coffee, it makes my reflux that much worse. Taking an energy shot in the morning gives me my caffeine fix I am looking for but also eliminates any sort of burning. Energy shots make me feel wholesome!”

Rita (co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, @ritasayshi): “I take a daily Immunity shot and swear it has kept me in perfect health - in the past when I feel like I'm coming down with something, if I take 2-3 a day it usually prevents a full cold hitting, so now I just take it daily as a delicious preventative measure. Sometimes I take it first thing in the morning, other times I will take it if I'm feeling sluggish, because the kick of ginger and cayenne pepper sure wakes me up, too! It makes me feel invigorated and cared-for, because I'm taking the time to care for my body.”

Paige (Marketing Associate): "As someone who doesn't love drinking coffee, the Energy shot has become my daily go-to shot and something I rarely go without. The equivalent to a cup of coffee, but much more delicious (IMO), it's the perfect way to start a morning or for an extra boost of energy in the afternoon."

Jean (Accounting Guru): “Endurance in the morning especially if I haven't had breakfast.  It gives me a boost and I feel full.  In the afternoon, Fierce greens or Deep Cleanse I feel perkier to get through the afternoon slump.”

Jenna (Director of Sales): “I love taking the Longevity shot as an afternoon pick-me-up!  Dr. Greger, author of How Not To Die, recommends taking 1/4 tsp turmeric daily and this shot gives me 10X that amount!  I know I am giving my body want it needs to stay healthy for decades to come! 🙂 All in all, I feel restored and ready to go.”

Michael (Chief Operations Officer): “I take a Sleep shot about 1/2 hour before I go to bed. Aside from the great taste, it’s a physical act that helps me close out the day, transition to a rested state, and then the shot takes over from there! Very calming.”

Daley (Account Manager): “I take Beauty every morning before coffee. It's a very refreshing flavor profile and also gives me a boost for my day. I look forward to my beauty shot every day when I wake up!”

Steve (Plant Manager): “2x energy reminds me I'm alive! 😁”

Eric (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer): “It’s hard to pick, but I have to say Immunity is my favorite. I take it as often as I can as part of my daily rituals, like when I sit down to start my workday or when starting team meetings. It makes me feel nurtured and like I’m doing something good for myself in that moment.”


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