The Importance of Probiotics

The Importance of Probiotics - So Good So You

One thing everyone should know about So Good So You shots is that all eight are packed with 1 billion CFUs (an acronym for Colony Forming Units) of Probiotic. With that, we also want you to understand the intention and importance of this valuable ingredient.

What do probiotics do? 

Probiotics aid in food digestion and nutrient absorption. Not only do probiotics help boost your digestive function, but they also help boost your immune system. You need prebiotics to process probiotics, and we have you covered; prebiotics are found in fruits and vegetables, which are the main ingredients in our shots. Keeping your digestive tract healthy by maintaining a proper balance of bacteria in the body is essential to your gut health, which is linked to your immune health, too. 

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are “beneficial bacteria” that are good for your digestive system and immune health. Probiotics aid in food digestion and nutrient absorption. So, even if you eat a pretty healthy diet, you should still take a probiotic because it will help ensure that you maximize your absorption and utilization of all the nutrients in your food.  Yes, it’s true you need prebiotics to process probiotics; this sounds complicated, right? Well good news, we help you out with this already. Prebiotics are found in fruits and vegetables, which are the star ingredients in our probiotic wellness shots. All you need to do – simply shake it, and shoot it! Your body will thank you for all of the amazing nutrients consumed.

What kind of probiotic does SGSY use in their shots? 

We use Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086. This is a vegan strain of probiotics that has a patented encapsulation to ensure the beneficial bacteria survives from the time we make the shot to the time you enjoy it.

How many probiotic shots can I consume in one day?

Enjoy freely! Each shot provides 1 billion CFUs of probiotics, plus functional fruit and vegetable juices all of which aid in the absorption of the probiotic and keep your digestive tract regular and healthy.

 We over at SGSY HQ have our own shot regime for each day based on what’s on the schedule. In fact, a long-standing company tradition is starting all meetings with a juice shot. Our co-founder, Rita, typically begins her day with Digestion, has a midday Beauty shot, an Energy when the 3 o’clock lull rolls around, and an Endurance before hitting the gym after work. It’s totally customizable based on how you’re feeling or your goals for the day! Rita rarely gets sick but when she does, she has at least 3 Immunity shots each day. During cold & flu season we all make sure one of our multiple daily shots is an Immunity shot.

Can mothers-to-be and children drink probiotic shots?

Yes! Our products all undergo HPP. This process kills the bacteria and makes it safe to consume by pregnant moms and kids. Find more information on our high-pressure processing here.

Interested in learning more about probiotics? Leave us a comment below and we will get back to you! To find a store with So Good So You probiotic shots, visit our store finder.

Finally, we have done a lot of research on this stuff, yes. But we are not medical doctors. So if you have a medical condition or concern we definitely recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional. 

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