Juice Cleanse Benefits

Juice Cleanse Benefits - So Good So You

You’ve likely heard about juice cleanses, but many people struggle to grasp why they should cleanse. Well, fasten your seatbelts, because there are tons of reasons that a juice cleanse may be your ticket to optimal health!

First things first…. why cleanse?

Let’s face it – most of us could use a diet upgrade. We eat a lot of processed foods, and added sugars are hiding in virtually everything these days. This diet wreaks havoc on our digestion, and makes us feel sluggish, irritable, gives skin problems, and generally doesn’t make us feel great. And, we don’t eat enough fresh, raw fruits and vegetables (8 servings a day!) which would actually help counteract some of the bad stuff because they contain enzymes that aid digestion.

Digestion Reset

The major benefit of a juice cleanse is a direct infusion of organic and active enzymes into your body. The enzymes found in fruits and veggies aid in digesting and absorbing all the good-for-you nutrients found in the food you consume. Without these enzymes, your body spends too much energy on digestion and misses out on lots of important nutrients.

Energy Boost

The biggest juice cleanse benefit that people feel is an increase in energy levels. Because so little energy is needed for digestion you’ve got lots more energy for yourself! During a juice cleanse your body spends minimal energy on digestion because the nutrients you are consuming in liquid form can be directly absorbed through your stomach and intestines! So even though you often consume fewer calories during a cleanse, the calories you do consume can be used for active energy rather than digestion. PLUS you will be receiving many more vital nutrients – now that’s winning.

Fruit & Veggie Nutrition

Juices are made of raw fruits and vegetables.  You have been told since you were a kiddo that eating enough of those is important! And guess what – it still is important! In addition to making you feel great, consuming the nutrients in these foods has countless benefits, including improved heart health, decreased risk of cancer, and increased general wellness.

How Do I Pick a Cleanse?

So cleanses are good. Check.  But are some better than others? Yes!

Cold Pressed Benefits

The best kind of juice (whether you’re cleansing or just sippin’) is COLD-PRESSED. When juices are designated as cold-pressed it means that they had minimal contact with the air during the extraction process. If the fruits and veggies aren’t being cold-pressed they are likely being juiced with a centrifugal juicer – exposing them to air throughout the juicing process. When the juice is exposed to air, oxidization occurs — and when juice starts to oxidize, its nutrients begin to deplete and so do all those amazing enzymes. This is a big reason why it is difficult to create an effective juice cleanse DIY-style. Unless you are able to make each juice right before you consume it (aka NO meal prep), the juices you make will lack the dense nutrient concentration found in a cold-pressed option.


Always avoid any juices that have been previously pasteurized (heat destroys nutrients) or frozen (flavors and textures change, too!). This means stick to products that are perishable and need to be refrigerated to maintain freshness. SGSY Juice is 100% non-GMO goodness, never heated, never pasteurized or frozen.

Cleanse Time!

So, how long should you juice cleanse? There are TONS of options when it comes to how long you want to cleanse – it just depends on your needs!

3 Days

Across the board, a 3-day juice cleanse is the most popular.  By cleansing for 3 days you allow your body to feel all the previously mentioned benefits, like easier digestion, increased energy and a flood of nutrients.

One Day

A one day juice cleanse can also be a great option for regular up-keep, after you’ve reaped the benefits of doing a cleanse for 3+ days. 1-day juice cleanses usually make a lot of sense for people after a vacation, an indulgent weekend, or an illness, and need a quick reset to get back on track and feeling good.

5+ Days

Some people LOVE the cleanse life and like to juice longer than three days. For extended cleanse periods, we’re talking anywhere from a 5-day juice cleanse to a 21-day cleanse or longer, it is usually recommended that people incorporate some solid food to ensure they get fiber. The best way to do this is with smoothies, raw salads or other healthy, plant based, and all natural snacks. People who adopt this approach use the cleanse as a catalyst to embrace a healthier lifestyle. If you take this route, a good way to ease into it is by starting on a 7 day cleanse. After doing the first half as a full juice-only 3 day cleanse diet you can begin to integrate smoothies and other raw items and cut back on juices so you eventually are eating small meals with 2 -4 juices mixed in throughout your day. After 7 days, you can keep going like this as long as it feels good!

The Bottom Line

Juice cleanses rock, and NOT because they’re just a quick fix. Yes, they can make you feel awesome benefits very quickly. But the more profound benefit of a juice cleanse stems from resetting your digestive tract and starting you on a path to long term balance and wellness. The more time you spend in cleanse mode, the more you will begin to create healthy habits that will mentally and emotionally recalibrate what your body needs, and set off on-track towards vibrant health.

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