Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Powerful Yet Soothing Super-Ingredients

Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Powerful Yet Soothing Super-Ingredients - So Good So You

Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Powerful Yet Soothing Super-Ingredients

Our new functional ingredients, adaptogenic mushrooms, help you sip your way past the stress.

 We’ve all heard about the mind/body connection and how stress can affect your health; the reason adaptogens are becoming so popular is because they actually give you a way to counteract negative effects of a hard day or challenging time. Adaptogens—in particular, the ones delivered by mushrooms—help your body “adapt” to stress by giving your all-important microbiome—the ecosystem that lives in your gut—a nutritious boost. 


A tradition of mushroom-based healing

With long ties in ancient cultures, mushrooms have continued their popularity over centuries to still be a popular food source. But only recently has research confirmed what traditional practitioners have known for generations: mushrooms can also be inflammation-fighting superfoods, delivering antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, cholesterol-lowering capabilities, and contain anti-diabetic and anti-viral properties. And on top of it all, mushrooms act as helpful adaptogens.



Adaptogens are treatments that Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine believe help your body manage stress by staying healthy and providing protection against environmental stressors, returning your body to homeostasis (balance) during challenging times. One of the ways that your body can reach this healthy balance is if your gut microbiota—the trillions of bacteria and other microbes in your digestive system—is flourishing. Because when it’s healthy, your microbiome supports a robust immune system that can take on infection and prevent inflammation.


Get to know the fungi dream team 

Certain types of mushrooms known as prebiotics are particularly powerful at stimulating gut microbiota. They support the good bacteria your system depends on, which in turn brings health benefits to the rest of your body. Three mushrooms in particular offer these remarkable benefits—reishi, shiitake and maitake—and the good news is, So Good So You has created a formulation that extracts the very best of these mushrooms in a way that preserves their adaptogenic properties and tastes amazing to boot.


Meet Shiitake (Scientific name: Lentinus edodes)

Great for: Heart health and anti-inflammatory properties

Outside of saying “Holy Shiitake Mushrooms” in junior high, you probably haven’t thought too much about this particular fungi. But there’s more than meets the eye to this mushroom: shiitakes contain eritadenine, which has been proven to help body tissues absorb cholesterol, lowering the amount that circulates in your blood. In addition, ongoing research is revealing that shiitakes may have anti-cancer and anti-heart disease substances naturally occurring in them as well. 


Meet Maitake (Scientific name: Grifola frondosa) 

Great for: Controlling cholesterol and immune system support

Also known as the “hen of the woods” mushroom, maitakes grow in big clusters that look like a bird’s tail feathers. It’s credited with being delicious as a food ingredient, plus having antiviral and wellness-enhancing effects if you suffer from high blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Research on maitake extracts have also shown that andosan, a component of the extract, has boosted the activity of microbiota, in turn stimulating the immune system. 


Meet Reishi (Scientific name: Ganoderma lucidum)

Great for: Improving sleep and lessening fatigue

Reishi has a robust woody flavor, and dates back to 206 BCE as being used in Chinese medicine to prolong life, prevent aging and boost energy. In contemporary Chinese medicine, reishi is used to support the immune function in patients undergoing cancer treatment because of its beneficial effects on white blood cells. In addition, elements in reishi extracts reduce excess fat storage and promote blood sugar balance—good news for anyone struggling with diabetes or weight management. And there’s more: reishi is credited with delivering antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and ingredients that help with mental clarity and deep delta-wave sleep.


A triple-threat of delicious goodness

Because adaptogenic mushrooms can have a distinctive taste, some people avoid adding these powerful and nutritious ingredients to their diet. It’s why we worked so hard at So Good So You to find a solution: the amazing adaptogenic benefits of shiitake, maitake and reishi mushrooms are just too good to not include in our lineup. 


Our Immunity Blueberry Clementine juice shot is powered by vitamin D3 plus 300mg of a proprietary blend of adaptogenic mushroom extract, specifically to support infection-fighting white blood cells—not to mention the billion CFUs of vegan probiotics that we include in every shot for digestive and immune health support. It’s the perfect way to bolster your body’s natural defenses against conditions related to stress—and to savor a delicious moment at the same time.


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