6 Movies to Teach Kids About Sustainability

6 Movies to Teach Kids About Sustainability - So Good So You

Regardless of age, a quality kids movie is always good for the soul. It’s even better when the film has a moral or message grounded in  something you’re passionate about, such as the environment.

Believe it or not, there are a number of popular children’s movies out there with a “green theme”. What do we mean by “green theme”? That the movie encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle and/or protecting our planet. For the full list of environmentally inspiring movies that the whole fam will enjoy, keep scrolling.  

The Lorax: Based on the 1971 Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax presents beautiful colors, many laughs, catchy musical acts, all with an important underlying message: the real problem of deforestation. Set in a digitally-centric city in the future, a young boy learns the world has been rid of trees, offering a grim picture of the effects of deforestation.  

WALL-E: A true classic, and must-see movie that the whole family will love. Especially relevant in our world today, Wall-E takes place 700 years from now on a trash-infested, deserted Earth. It’s nearly impossible to go the entire movie without recognizing the close symbolism between 2805 Earth and 2020 Earth.  

Happy Feet: An adorable story of a tap dancing penguin, Mumble, sheds light on the human impact on animals' natural habitats, particularly the ocean. The penguins face the results of overfishing and plastic rings, problems very real and evident in today’s world.  

Fern Gully: The story of a dark oil blob that comes to life as a monster, attacking greenery and animals. More comical than frightening, this film shares a powerful environmental and conservation message, in addition to anti-animal testing.   

Over the Hedge: Upon waking from winter hibernation, forest animals are shocked to learn a suburban neighborhood has overtaken half of their forest. Although the majority of the movie is about the forest animals playing tricks on their new human neighbors, environmental messages are sprinkled in throughout.

Ice Age: The Meltdown: A close look at the real-life effects of global warming, Ice Age: The Meltdown helps families explain while providing comic relief simultaneously. Kids will realize the implications of the ice melting and water levels rising in today’s world, and the impact they have on both animals and humans.  

Pro-tip: start or end your family movie night with a kid-friendly “cheers” with shots.

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