4 Ways We’re Dedicated to Being a Purpose-Driven Business

4 Ways We’re Dedicated to Being a Purpose-Driven Business - So Good So You

4 Ways We’re Dedicated to Being a Purpose-Driven Business

Being a purpose-driven business is core to our DNA, and it’s exactly what we were founded on. A business that strives to go beyond selling our products as we hope to make a difference through our decisions and our support of other organizations that do the same.

In the most recent Think & Link, a Q&A discussion hosted by Minneapolis-based design firm Capsule, our co-founder Rita Katona shared the different ways we’re dedicated to this purpose-driven business model. Rita was joined in this discussion by Katie Marston, CMO at Once Upon a Farm.

The full hour-long discussion can be played below, but if you need some quick, skimmable highlights, keep scrolling!

1. For the Love of Body and Planet – Our 360 Approach

“For the Love of Body and Planet” is the lens of every decision that we make at So Good So You.

First and foremost, our products are made with renewable energy, and since we’re the manufacturer, we can purchase energy from 100% renewable sources.

We operate a zero-waste manufacturing facility and divert as much as we can away from landfills (more than 94%!).

Everything from the decisions that we make in terms of what kind of materials we use in the manufacturing process, to print marketing materials, and even what kind of airline we fly when team members travel is taken into account.

We also take this approach when we host team gatherings – from the food vendors to the utensils we use, we remain committed to using compostable materials and reducing our environmental footprint. We do all of this as part of our commitment as a company to the 360 approach.

2. Supporting People Where They Are

We have essential workers that are making food, and going into the third year of a pandemic, our responsibility was to keep them safe.

Everybody at So Good So You that could work remotely did so, but people became more disconnected from their normal communities outside of work. We realized that it became even more important to build a community of teams and cultures that have had some struggles with that disconnect, and we’ve continued to have a very steady workforce as a result.

At a consumer level, what health and wellness means to people has shifted, so we thought hard about what it is that we as a brand can do to support people where they are. What are the things that they can do on a regular basis? What are those quick, easy wins that they can feel good about?

Coupled with the mental health and fatigue issues that the pandemic brought with it, we felt it was the right time to launch our newest innovation “Happy” with vitamin D, saffron, and ashwagandha – all ingredients that help support a mood boost!

3. High-Quality Products & Ingredients

Most brands don’t actually make the products that they sell, they will work with contract manufacturers, but we actually have our own manufacturing facility in Minneapolis! This means we’re able to ensure the best quality possible while also having astute attention to detail.

We have continued to scale and build this facility out, which has allowed us to provide opportunities for our line workers to get trained and get raises over the years as they level up their skill set.

Our products contain very few ingredients, which means that each of those ingredients is very important from a quality perspective for flavor. On top of this, all of the certifications are organic and non-GMO.

At our core we want to make sure that we’re delivering a product that makes people feel good and actually does we promise it will do.

4. Our Commitment to Food Safety

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is the gold standard of food safety certification in our industry.

Because we manufacture our own product, we want to make sure that not only are our employees safe inside the facility but also ensure that every product that leaves is of the highest standard possible.

We are able to do this by following the rigorous guidelines set out by the SQF Institute, as well as training all of our employees (whether they work in the facility or not) about food safety best practices.

Annually, the SQF Institute audits facilities that manage food to ensure a number of targets have been met, and we were so proud to recently have passed our most recent SQF audit with flying colors, scoring a 98 out of 100!

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