3 Spicy At-Home Workouts Worth Giving a Go

3 Spicy At-Home Workouts Worth Giving a Go - So Good So You

As you may have seen on the blog or social media, we recently tasked community member Holly Janiszewski to serve as our Fitness Expert of the Month. To our delight, Holly shared a handful of her curated workouts including a total body workout, booty bands workout, and bodyweight workout that requires no equipment at all. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Let us know if you give them a try and tag us on social @sogoodsoyou.com. 



Quick tip if you don’t know how to time this… basically set a timer for 10 minutes, work through each of the two movements and corresponding reps, and rest for the remainder of the minute. Then start again at the next minute. Holly's favorite timer app I use is called @trifectasystem - go download it!
Share it if you loved/tried it and make sure to save for later!!😘
- None! (grab a towel if you want to use for an overhead squat)
10 MIN EMOM (4 separate, 10 min EMOMs listed below)
Every minute, 10 reps each, rest remaining time
- Deep Squat (arms overhead - I used a towel)
- Squat Jumps
Every minute, :20 each movement, rest :20
- Duck Walks
- Bear Crawl
Every minute, reps listed below, rest remaining time
- Pike Push-Ups x 10
- Bear Squats x 5-10
Every minute, reps listed below, rest remaining time
- Single Leg Hip Bridge (right) x 8
- Single Leg Hip Bridge (left) x 8
- Hip Bridge to Hip Lift x 5



If you don’t have bands, that’s totally fine. You can still do this workout and get a great booty burn.🔥





Band above knees for all movements!

25 Reps/4 Rounds


-Hip Lifts

-(R) Leg Lifts

-(L) Leg Lifts

-(R) Leg Fire Hydrants

-(L) Leg Fire Hydrants

-(R) Leg Rainbows

-(L) Leg Rainbows

-Frog Squat



Holly is a major fan of burpees herself but also knows that there are days where you just don’t wanna do a burpee, and really any jumping for that matter. Save this workout for THOSE days! Here’s a great no-impact, total body workout.


The #1 thing to do for this workout!?


SLOOOOOW it down! Don’t move fast. Everything is controlled and thoughtful. Think about every muscle/part of your body you are working as you go through this circuit!


Start with a short warmup, complete the circuit 3x, and end with some stretching - perfect 30 minute workout!👌






45s on/15s off/3 rounds

- Russian Twists (slow)

- High to Low Plank

- Reverse Lunge (Each Side) + Squat

- Wide Mountain Climbers (slow)

- Renegade Row + Leg Lifts


For more details on Holly and her workout philosophy, check out the introductory blog post we shared earlier this month. We recommend taking an Energy shot before getting your sweat on, and following your workout with an Immunity Turmeric shot to support muscle recovery. To find a store near you, visit our store finder here.

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