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Apples and Carrots to keep you healthy

Apples and carrots – great as a healthy midday snack on their own, combining these two together make a tasty snack that provides an abundance of nutrients to keep you healthy from head to toe.

SoGoodSoYou - Apples and Carrots Juice

Apples are high in fiber and natural antioxidants like quercetin that have been shown to protect brain cells, fight cancer cells, and help heal inflammation. The antioxidants present in apples help to keep your skin from aging and provide nutrients to your hair making it healthier and fuller. While carrots, with their abundance of beta-carotene, have been found to also help reduce inflammation and provide nutrients to the skin and nervous system’s cells.

Together, they provide a potent mix of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, as well as a host of free radical fighting antioxidants. Studies have shown that these nutrients can provide a substantial decrease in risk for diabetes, decrease aging in the central nervous system, as well as give you healthier nails, skin, and hair!

Great for your skin, hair, and brain – apple and carrot Juice is an easy to make super-drink. Slightly on the sweeter side try changing it up by adding ginger, beets, or an orange!

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